Casey Hyman Plumbing, Inc.
Give us a call 850.477.0388

Main Office Staff:

Casey Hyman: President, CEO

Debbie Hyman: Vice President

Tracey Hyman: Secretary, Executive Assistant

Louis Farmer: V.P. of operations, Chief Estimator

Laura Foxhall: Controller

Bonnie Mowrey: Admin Asst. & Accounts Payable 

Clayr LockeField Auditor 

Ray Cocuy: Purchasing Agent

Kyle Johnson: Receptionist

Jeffrey Schenck: Maintenance

    Field Supervisors:

    Cliff Frates: V.P. of Outside Operations 

    Mark EvansV.P. of Outside Operations

    Paul Minnick: Supervisor

    Antonino Salerno: Supervisor

    Albert Martin: Supervisor

    Richie Goley: Supervisor

    Daniel Beard: Supervisor

    Donald Martin: Supervisor

    Marty McManus: Supervisor

    Ryan Frates: Supervisor

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